>Jesus. It is such a hard word for most people to say. Especially in public. Most people will re-word their sentences to downplay the words Jesus or God. I myself am guilty. But Jesus is a name that when the very thought of Him comes to mind you should want to say it, shout it! Jesus! Jesus! JESUS! All the glory and splendor that was rightfully his was abandoned because he wasn’t afraid to cry out my name, Benjamin, Benjamin, BENJAMIN! He cried out your name. He cried out for all of us out of love. He could not fathom a single day with out you and left the most perfect thing in the universe. He went through total separation with God, he went through Hell. All to seek us and save us so that we may be with him. Have you ever thought about Mark 14:50 where it says, “And they all left him and fled.” This is talking about his disciples right after he was arrested, yet he still cried out, ” PETER! BARNABAS!” He even cried out “BARABBAS! JUDAS!” He doesn’t care what you’ve done, whether you have fled from him or you have never even met him, he is right there calling out your name. Don’t be afraid to answer.

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