>Shards of glass flying all around,
The deafening sound
Beauty I view as darkness befalls me.
My body chills, and stills.

How did I make it out alive?
Is she alright? 1 month to go,
She has to make it.
My first, our first can’t go this way.

Flashing lights and sounds
Jaws of life at work
Out she comes without scratch
Oh thank you God

Tears streaming down her face as I race to her side
No response to me, only the police
As she cries I see her eyes,
Alone, afraid, without me.

Body bag on the scene,
But for whom could it be?
Everyone is fine, made it out alive.

Oh God no, please don’t let this be.
This bag is not meant for me.
A wife, a kid, they need me.
Through the tears I see
What can no longer be called me.

God I make this my prayer
Let me live, let me see,
Let me honor thee.
I give you my life,
Dedicated to you,
Please let me love my wife and see my baby girl.

She looks as if she’s seen a ghost
When I step from that bodybag
She wonders how a ghost can touch and feel

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