>English Class

>Okay, so I am in this English class called Western World Masterpieces. Basically we just read bunch of old literature and talk about it. Stuff like The Iliad, Beowulf, and the like. My professor is a young “Jew”, or so he says and he likes to talk about every work we read in a religious and secular view. He focuses on Christianity almost all of the time, and at the begining of the semester he openly came out and basically told us he was biased toward Christianity. He talks as if he is a scholar of the Bible and knows every fact as God himself knows it.

Which brings me to my next point, I think sometime when we read something and analyze it, we over analyze it. We go into so much depth and twist so much that the author origanal meaning becomes useless and it becomes whatever we want it to be. Sometimes I think it is better to read a work first just as entertainment and pleasure and see what you get out of it by just enjoying it and then if you want to go back and see if you can pin-point the author ideas but don’t ruin the work by over-analyzing every single part of it to where you author orignal purppose is nowhere to be found.

All I am saying is enjoy what you read and don’t take credit away from the author by making the book yours about what you think. It is about what the author thinks. I feel better now that i have said that. I actually just had to write a reading journal about Beowulf and put alot of that in it to my prof so he I guess could see what I think and why.

Thanks for reading and it is an inconvient truth but thank you for smoking in the labyrinth with david bowe and little miss sunshine.

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  1. Rachel says:

    >Funny, I was just reading something kinda like that in John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life, except for he was talking about how people often read the Bible subjectively instead of objectively. It’s a sad thing when that happens. I encourage you to read it for the Reality it is.We should hang out soon Ben.Rachel

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