>I amaze myself at times.

>I was just looking back on some of the things that I have written lately, particularly the three songs Apparition, Deliverance, and Looking Forward. That was an extraordinary night. I remember staying up until 3 a.m writing song after song. God must have been with me to give me those words that I believe flowed so amazingly.

God must be with me when I write. There is no doubt. I look back at the things I have composed and know that He is my inspiration. This is a gift I am very grateful for.

Here soon I will be posting a very long short story (if that exists ha ha) that I wrote. I would like everyone to leave comments on it if they would like and tell me what they think and how I can improve. Also a little forewarning, I did use some mild language and situations n that story to create the realism and give it the feel I think it deserved.

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