>Great Day

So, ironically, I did not hear the words “April Fools!” once today and I thought that was great.

But on to the real reason I write.

Today church (Crossing Christian Church) was just amazing. I thought it was one of the best services I have seen. The musical was phenomenal. The message was great. I had a few things just hit me the night before when I was watching the director’s cut of Kingdom of Heaven that made things at church come home. What man is a man that does not make the world a better place? What we have we should use to help others and is of no real value to use, you know stuff I already knew, just re-emphasized. Church was just all around good.

Then when I got home I walked around our land for about an hour taking pictures and just loving God, which was incredible. Then most of the family (sisters, brothers, aunts & uncles, grandparents) came over and we had a huge cookout and just chilled together.

Then Adam and Ashley came over and we went fishing and caught tons of fish and just had a good ole time. Now Chase, Holman, and I are going to watch Children of Men. Today has just been an incredible Sunday. Pity I must return to the world of banking tomorrow.

God’s glory is revealed on beautiful days like these.

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