>Love, Is It the Movement?

>for about an hour now i have been sitting here at my computer listening to music and just reading some people’s blogs. the topic of love came up in one particular blog and i was completely fascinated by this entry. the response to this entry by the readers really opened up my mind and began to tear at what i thought about love.

many people want to find love in their life, that “love of their life.” that is the most important thing to a young adolescent person it seems. couples, no matter what age, often say that they are in love whether the have been together weeks or years. a young man named andrew made the statement that often times we mistake love for comfort. we are with someone so long or just feel comfortable around them so quickly that we think that it is love when it is really just comfort with that person. i agree with andrew here. i know that i myself have fallen into the trap of comfort, if you will.

the blog i read the original post from was that of stephen christian in which he says that before we go off pursuing mr. or mrs. right that we must first become a mr. or mrs. right our self. we ought to know what kind of spouse and partner that we want to be before we look for the one that is right for us, and in many cases that i know of personally this may take years to finally complete. God blessed the world through a man that i believe has made a HUGE impact on many peoples lives including my own, C. S. Lewis. lewis once said “The more we let God take over, the more truly ourselves we become-because he made us.” i think the lewis hit the nail right on the head here when he says this, this is becoming the “right” person.

have you ever seen a person so desperate for love they would do anything yet they hated them self? how can a person love another human being and say they will respect and care for them when they don’t even do the same things for them self. mr right will never be achieved by someone who hates them self. which will also make mrs right very hard to find and keep.

drawing near to God and loving God is a great step in loving one’s self and becoming the person they truly are to their full potential. God pours out his love waiting for us to accept it and love him back.

before you can fall in love with your soul-mate you must first love the world. by world i don’t mean the secular world of hollywood and things in the world, but rather the people in the world. loving the world is a critical step to unlocking one’s own heart and reaching their full potential. Mr. John Andrew Holmes said “there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” nothing makes me better than the person next to me, not my job, car, relationships, talents, nothing. success is not measured by whether or not you become ceo of a company but rather it should be measured by that joy and happiness that one finds in their career and work. stephen used the illustration of a young boy in India who was shining shoes with his father and said that is what he was going to do when he grew up. that boy was a success already at the age of 10. he loved what he did and did it to the bets of his abilities. some would say that stephen was more successful than this boy since he was an excelling musician but he wasn’t, they were both equal, both happy and joyful in what they did. if we are no better than anyone else in the world, what keeps us from loving them? why keep putting them down and trying to rule over them? they go through the same struggles that we do and want to love and acceptance just like us. why should we shun them?

after we have found our self, our self in God, and we have love for the world in heart then we are ready and able to find that mr or mrs right. now don’t get me wrong, there are other ways to go about this for different people and many may disagree with me about this but i believe that this process of self-renewal is the key to love.

many people profess love with their mouths but never act on their own words. Christians in particular are getting bad about this, not every single one but rather many people who call them selves Christian. Louis Nizer said “true religion is the life we lead, not the creed we profess.”

don’t say love, live love.

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