>Deer in the Headlights

>I was recently talking with a friends of mine who is on a mission trip in New Orleans and he was telling me how he felt so unmotivated because of the sheer fact there is so much work to be done and he doesn’t know where to start.

Sometimes we have the best intentions of doing things but we stand there like a deer in the headlights, not knowing what to do so we get hit and unmotivated and never start.

Right now, as this is being read, a child has died from malnutrition, someone was murdered, raped, a child was abused mentally, physically, and sexually, girls are sold as sex slaves, HIV killed another victim, a child’s life is torn apart by divorce, the pornography industry continues to make its billions of dollars, millions on child pornography and violating women in ways that disgust me to think about, a mother throws away her baby as if it is trash, people are tortured and brutally killed for their beliefs.

This is a disturbing thing to think but it is all real. I sit here using wireless Internet on a $2500 laptop while the world around me is in such need. One billion people on earth live on or less than $1 per day while we can work and make $6 per hour for flipping burgers. Where are we to draw the line at living a happy and full life and becoming victims of a massive consumer society?

To look at these problems seems overwhelming and too big to tackle, and if we do nothing then they won’t be tackled. If we just stopped staring into the headlights and moved into action we could make the world a better place. If we band together to make this world a better place and stop giving thousands of our dollars a year to the consumer society and give them to people who actually need them we could transform the world.

The problems are all over the world, even in the utopia we call America. I hope it disgusts you when you go over the list of problems I presented and makes you cringe when you think of those things happening to little innocent children. For a small sacrifice of our personal paradise we can help others around the world to know what it is to be loved and have someone reach out to them as they lay naked in the dirty streets and help give them something they have never had, love.

Bread for the World is a very good organization that you should check out and pray about supporting.

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One Response to >Deer in the Headlights

  1. ~Kaitlyn~ says:

    >Aww B this is a very heartfelt blog and I’m really glad you made me read it! =] There’s this song I really like called God of Justice, I’m guessing you’ve heard it before but if you haven’t here’s part of the chorus:We must go live to feed the hungryStand beside the brokenWe must goStepping forward keep us from just singingMove us into actionWe must goThat just reminded me of your blog alot. And your completely right we all need to just give and actually help not just say we are and do nothing.Let me know if your ever doing some type of volunteer activity or helping out somehow that I could also help, because I’d definitely be interested (I’ll try to find things on my own too lol). WOW this was a long comment… sorry! Gnight Benjamin! Hehe

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