>Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes

>It poured harder than it had ever poured before. The storm was unbearable. The long black locks of his curly hair were dripping wet and were no longer curly. His skin had the growth of a week on it turning his normally beautiful skin into patchy garden through which the tears fell. His head lay in a puddle on his pillow. His body curled up and shaking. In his hands he held clenching a jewel worth the world to him.

He had been so tough his whole life. He was massive, toning his body everyday. He had experience the pain of tattoos covering his back and biceps. He had even experienced the emotional pain of loosing friends to car crashes, drug, and the military.

When they met he thought she was perfect. The complexion of her skin as smooth as silk was perfect, not too pale, but not too dark. Her hair was the color of the sands and the beach and it hung loosely in front of her face cover one of her eyes until he hand brushed it away revealing a pair of eyes as blue as brightest oceans rimmed in the darkest regions of space. Upon her nose were sprinkled the lightest of freckles that seemed they would fly off if she sneezed. The smile on her face was like a knife slashing at his heart. As she sat there reading she bit her lower lip while still always maintaining that breathtaking smile.

Their love was perfect in every way. They were the true Romeo and Juliets of society. They were always abounding in love for each other; doing everything they could to have the best for the other.

This was his first night without her. He lay there questioning God, why? He didn’t know if he would make it through the night. He prayed prayers of anger and of questions. The life of his soul had been taken.

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2 Responses to >Left With Alibis and Lying Eyes

  1. ~Kaitlyn~ says:

    >Oh my goodness you are just trying to irritate me aren’t you!!!!! lol. I don’t LOVE anyone esp. not Derek sooo you need to just shut it mister before I get mad! Hahaha I’m so not a mean person….Anyway go read my blog and be nice to me or something =]Peace out punk.

  2. ~Kaitlyn~ says:

    >You can stop apologizing, I’m letting it go. Just don’t take such a mean tone with me next time! I don’t know why it is that things you say get to me like that sometimes. But its cool I’m over it now.Anyway just thought you should know this is a really interesting blog. Did you write this? Because it’s really good even though I don’t know that I quite got the meaning of it all? But yeah its good.So I realized tonight that whenever I’m feeling like sad or bored or something I need to just make lists hahaha and then I fo real feel like a million times better! Lol. I wrote like 2 blogs yesterday, but my 2nd one or latest one is just a couple lists I wrote when I was feeling down… (I’m sorry I got off topic of your blog here lol =])Woo anywho I guess I’ll talk to you again one of these days. Goodnight. ~Kait

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