>Love is…
awesome, awful, amazing, and ardent
beautiful, boastful, bashful, and baffling
controlling, colorful, captivating, and complete
dangerous, daring, delightful, and delirious
efficient, effective, enormous, and exquisite
famous, failing, flattering, and faultless
gregarious, gracious, grateful, and giving
holy, honest, helpful, and hopeful
incredible, infallible, infamous, and igneous
jealous, joking, joyful, and Jesus
katzenjammer, keen, killing, and kind
loveless, lawless, likable, and lamenting
mourning, mighty, moving, and muniment
noble, naughty, nice, and nicotine
octane, oceanic, ocular, and odd
pensive, perverted, permanent, and precious
quality, qualitative, quirky, and quartz
remembered, relinquished, rambunctious, and real
stupid, stoning, striving, and strong
tremendous, touching, thriving, and true
unabashed, unabated, unabridged, and useful
vestige, variant, vermouth, and vicarious
wishful, wonderful, wanting, and wealthy
xenon, Xanadu, xenocryst, and xylene
young, yeoman, yippee, and yttrium
zaftig, zooming, zooid, and zircaloy

Love is many things, and it is worth every one of them.

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