>Power On, Power Off

>I was starting to write on here when these wicked bad storms kicked up and knocked our power out, it came back, it went away, it came back, it went away, but now i think it is back to stay.

I wasn’t going to write much. Just something like don’t waste the time you have with people because you never know how long it will last. Also, try not to screw up with that person, it will ruin the short time you already have with them. It can be a real killer on your day. I just have to say, don’t sweat the small things and enjoy the time you have. Also, don’t do stupid things to compromise anything. Think about things before you do/say them. I have had to learn this the hard way and it sucks; patience is VERY important as the old wise people say.

Back to storms, I love ’em. The are one of God’s greatest displays of glory to me. His power is sheerly impressive. Anything man has made he can destroy. It is awesome. It is also amazing how he protects people in these magnificent displays of glory. Storms are glorious.

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