>Sex Appeal

>Modern day America, gotta love it. It is a land of opportunity, a melting pot, a land of wealth, a land of health (or so they say), and a land of Hollywood. Right now, I am sitting in my house watching ESPN and sex appeal is everywhere I turn, especially on a sports channel. Sex sells. That is one of the most true statements I have ever heard. Surfing the net, advertisements are filled with busty women looking at you telling you to click their link, muscular men without shirts on tell you to click on them. I saw a DirecTV commercial earlier with Beyonce Knowles dressed in whatever kinda of half-covering clothes she was wearing, dancing with swaying hips and shaking her top to make men want to subscribe to their programming.

Hollywood makes movies glorifying pornography, strip clubs, and sex with whoever will give it to you. The moral of some of the movies may turn out alright in the end, they person doesn’t have an abortion or they decide to stay together as a family for their kid, but is this what teens need to be seeing? Trust me, as someone who has looked at pornography since 7th grade, I know how bad it is and how wrong it is. Kids are bombarded with trash constantly and as a result decide to start doing things they shouldn’t. I don’t care if your kid goes to church all the time or what not, pornography and masturbation are a HUGE temptation for most men and a lot of women as well.

I would like to say, whether you struggle with this or not, do something production to help keep it from our youth. Don’t expose them to all the trash and things they don’t need. I wonder why teen pregnancies are up? Why are STDs up? I don’t know… maybe it has something to do with the things our kids view and look at. Watch out not only for yourself, but for others and your society.

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