Dressed to Kill

The church stands with steeple cast high in the sky, cross reaching out to the heavens. The worn brick shows signs of age and the many years past. The day is bright and sunny, perfect for a ceremony. The interior of the church is decorated its finest with floral covering the stage and walls. The stained glass windows cast a beautiful light onto the people seated in the pews dressed in their finest clothes.

Everyone is there that should be. Aunts, parents, friends, grandparents, children, and cousins. All of whom are dressed to kill. They mingle with one another waiting for the ceremony to start, making small talk and discussing the past. Tears roll down the faces of some while loving smiles cover others.

The preacher comes up and gives a speech while a few others close to the beloved couple say a few things. More tears are shed as the ceremony goes on.

The group proceeds outside the church for the second half of the service. A few don’t attend this part but the majority make it. The sun continues to shine down making the weather glorious. A light breeze is blowing the dresses of some of the woman and causing others to hold their hats on their heads. Men and woman holding hands and embracing each other.

The ceremony comes to an end with a prayer, “Father, they will be missed.”

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