>These are a few poems I have written recently.

Trash is all around
Rash to throw things out
Ash is all over the ground
Sh! this we don’t talk about
H-bombs make trash of the ground.


If looks could really kill
My profession would be staring.

I hate the cold
But love ice cream.

Good Company

Coffee cake is good
When you eat it with a friend
Especially me.

The Bookshelf

Shelves packed with many different colors
Words of different meanings
Books that may never be read
Or they may show tears and signs
Of age and wear
New dust covers shine in the light
While old cardboard bends and warps
The oak it rests upon
Also showing signs of its time.

‘O Death

O, Death
Your fear no more, your pain is gone,
Power has fled from your arms,
And in to mine.
I may not conquer you,
But I know one who did,
And conquers you for me.

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