Few Thoughts For The Day

>Some storms blew up today. As I looked to the sky, some dark, swiftly moving dark clouds cleared my view to see the magnificent cumulus clouds that loomed far above. This reminds me of the way it is with God. Dark times and wrath may bear down and be present, but he is always there during those dark times, watching, in control, even when the dark times return to bring more rain.

The average storm last 2-3 hours (liberally speaking). If one lives to be 75 years old, they will live 657,000 hours. If they experience one storm per week, that is 3,900 storms in their life, they will experience approximately 9,750 hours of storms. 1.48% of a person’s life will be experiencing storms, the power of God. Enjoy these wonders, they reveal so much about our Creator. Personally, I hope to experience far more than 9,750 hours.

A Discovery Channel show on Jesus just made the statement that around 2/3 of the world is Christian (that includes all denominations, including Catholic). From my life experience, either this statistic is greatly skewed, or many lips are shut. Either way, change needs to occur.

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