Innocence leads to Ignorance

>”The final result of the book is quite inspiring, but some of the “pictures” presented in the book are a little extreme. The sexual perversions of America are vividly portrayed. For people who have already been exposed to the tremendous sin that is available in this country, this book will doubtlessly be an inspiration. But for those who want to keep their purity and be innocent in relation to the world’s evil, I do not recommend this book. I was sorry I read it.”

The above text was a review of the book “The President” by Parker Hudson. Christians with the world view in this review lead the world to think we are feebly, better than them, and afraid to socialize with them and befriend them. We need not to be afraid to be with them and reach out with them, do not follow the sins, but love them and not shun them. Christ never walked away from other because of sexual acts or sins, neither should we.

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