Liberal Christian Government Identity

>Quick question… Should Christians enforce morals and laws on everyone? I say no, but to other Christians.

The thinking I am having is one of why should we be able to dictate how everyone behaves? I don’t feel that we have any right to dictate our morals and “standards” of sin on the general public. I do feel that we ought to live by those and go with those in our church but we should not enforce those laws on every non-Christian. We should love them unconditionally and in our efforts of being loving, compassionate, and non-condemning we might in effect showing them the saving power of Christ and the Christian morals.

I think back to the Jews of the old testament, I’m not sure on exactly how their laws were but to me it appears that they followed their religious laws but didn’t try to push them on everyone who was not a Jew, I’m not a scholar so please correct me if I am wrong. I just feel we should set and example for people rather then trying to forbid of pass laws to adhere to our moral and religious standards. I am basically saying I agree with the separation of Church and State as it is in France. It is different than here and more neutral but I agree with it. I’m not condoning any sin, just thinking that we shouldn’t be distraught over laws and legislation we don’t agree with, overcome these with Christ living through you.

Feel free to disagree, just a thought for the day.

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