The Boy of Treeland

There once was a boy, in a tree up high.
He looked down at the world, what he saw made him cry.
The thing he desired, yet so far away,
‘Maybe I will finally reach it one day.’

‘If only there was, a way I think ,
To get to the ground, so think think think!
But my whole life, the life I’ve known,
I’ve never been down to the ground below.’

‘If only I had wings like the birds of the sky,
I could fly away forever, kiss this tree goodbye.
But such as poor Icarus would be my fate,
When the Sun and the wax begin to mate.’

A storm blew up, so ferocious with might,
It turned the day sky to the blackness of night.
The wind whipped round with a thud and a crack,
And the tree broke off and the boy went smack.

He saw stars as he was dazed and confused,
‘I must have hit a branch’ he groggily mused.
Lying on his back he took a big breath,
‘I wonder what this is, I smell something fresh.’

‘This can’t be bark of that I’m sure,
It’s soft like velvet and wonderfully pure!’
Bright color abounding unlike dull brown
‘I don’t believe it, I think I’ve hit ground.’

He turned he head, shocked at what he saw,
A sweet little girl trapped under a log.
‘Oh this cursed tree, I’ve hated it so,
Its taken the only one that I’d like to know.’

Her body came to life with a cough and a sputter,
The boy leaned down and he heard her mutter.
‘What has happened, what is this log?
I was struck by this tree while taking a jog.’

The boy helped her up and get herself free,
‘I wonder if that’s the boy who’s been looking at me.’
‘I came from the tree’ he said as he shook,
‘I’m the boy who has been giving you looks.’

A smile lit up and her face brightly shone,
‘Why don’t we talk about this on the way home?’
The boy and girl walked hand in hand,
Never again to return to Treeland.

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